Thursday, May 19, 2022

Thumbsucking and Oral Health

 If your child has a thumbsucking habit and you're concerned about their oral health, let Dr. John Graneto and the team at Kidz Connextion in PhoenixAZ be your partners in addressing the issue.


Can Thumbsucking Really Impact My Child’s Oral Health?

Seeing a little one suck on their thumb or finger doesn’t seem like a big deal to some people, but you might hear others say that they need to stop it before they mess up their teeth. Which school of thought is correct? Can thumbsucking really impact oral health or is this a myth?

The truth is that thumbsucking can cause issues, but it really depends on the child’s actual habits. For example, if your little one really is little and their teeth have yet to come in, you shouldn’t worry. In fact, experts state that as long as the habit is broken by the time they’re seven, their teeth should be able to correct themselves if any issues form.

Another factor is the force with which they suck on their thumb. Many children simply hold their thumbs in their mouths but don’t actually suck on them. This is unlikely to cause any harm. However, those that vigorously suck on their thumb might experience dental problems.


What Side Effects Can Thumbsucking Have On Oral Health?

If your child’s habit does cause problems, the most likely one is a bite issue, such as an overbite. It can also make changes to the roof of the mouth and the shape of the jaw, which can cause problems with their speech.

If you feel your child’s thumbsucking habit is causing problems but don’t know how to break it, talk to Dr. Graneto and the team at Kidz Connextion in PhoenixAZ. They’ll be happy to help guide you and your child through the process.



Put your mind and your child’s thumbsucking habits to rest with the help of Dr. Graneto at Kidz Connextion in PhoenixAZSchedule an oral health appointment by texting (623) 232-0749 for the N. 75th Avenue location, (480) 666-5984 for the N. 24th Street office, or (480) 405-4714 for the Baseline Road location.

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Dental Phobia in Children

 If your child suffers from dental phobia, taking them to the dentist can be a very difficult task. Dr. John Graneto and the team at Kidz Connextion in PhoenixAZ are experienced in managing these issues and will partner with you to create the most pleasant experience.


What Is Dental Phobia in Kids?

Fear of going to the dentist is an issue that affects both children and adults. When your child experiences it, you might find dental visits to be a less than pleasurable experience. They might cry, start shaking, act out, and do anything they can to get out of it. You might find that they scream when the dentist touches them – even if he’s doing nothing but looking inside their mouth. And such a response can make you both dread the next dentist appointment.


What Can I Do To Help My Child?

Though the situation can be difficult, you are not helpless. There are several steps you can take to make it a bit easier for you both.

Understand the Difference Between a Phobia and Anxiety

Dental phobia and dental anxiety are completely different. Anxiety is common and can usually be managed with a few steps. Dental phobia is due to irrational fears and can make your child physically ill. If you’re dealing with a phobia, you might need to seek help from a therapist.

Follow Good Hygiene at Home

Dental anxiety can be exacerbated when drills and needles come into play. By keeping your children’s teeth clean, you reduce the likelihood of them having to have fillings or other work done that could add to their current fears.

Choose a Pediatric Dentist

Pediatric dentists like Dr. Graneto at Kidz Connextion in PhoenixAZ are specifically trained to manage young children and all that entails. They typically have a kid-friendly environment set up and know how to manage outbursts. Even if your child breaks into a crying fit, you can rest assured that it’s not the first time they’ve seen it. It’s not going to bother them, so you shouldn’t feel any shame.

Make Dental Days Fun Days

Consider heading to the park or out for a milkshake after their appointment. This will help them associate enjoyment with dental days.



If your child suffers from dental phobia or anxiety, let Dr. Graneto at Kidz Connextion in PhoenixAZ help. Schedule an appointment by texting (623) 232-0749 for the N. 75th Avenue location, (480) 666-5984 for the N. 24th Street office, or (480) 405-4714 for the Baseline Road location.

Thursday, May 5, 2022

Does My Child Need a Tooth Extracted?

 If you’re wondering if your child really needs a tooth extractionDr. John Graneto at Kidz Connextion in PhoenixAZ is happy to discuss all potential solutions with you and ensure that an extraction is the right fit for the situation.


Do Children Really Need Tooth Extractions?

If you’ve been told that your child needs a tooth extraction, you’re likely wondering why. Baby teeth fall out, so why would they need them extracted? You don’t want your child to go through any more pain than is necessary, so it’s completely understandable that you’re asking such a question.

It’s important to understand that tooth extractions are a last resort. A dentist will not recommend this procedure if there is any other way to address the issue. However, there are times when no other solution will work and extractions must be done.


4 Common Reasons Children Need Tooth Extractions

One of the most common reasons children have teeth extracted is that there is an infection or abscess beneath the tooth. Leaving the infection alone can be dangerous, so measures have to be taken to address it.

Severe cavities are another common reason for tooth extractions in kids. When a cavity is addressed in time, Dr. Graneto at Kidz Connextion in PhoenixAZ can typically remove the cavity and cover the tooth with a filling or crown.

However, these treatments require that a certain amount of healthy tooth structure be present. When a cavity is severe, there might not be enough of the tooth left for a simple fix.

Your child might also need teeth extracted if they have more teeth than space for those teeth to fit – a condition known as overcrowding. When this occurs, it can impact the health of their teeth as well as their ability to eat and speak properly.

Lastly, if your child needs to get orthodontic work done, such as braces, some teeth may need to be removed. This is to ensure that the braces can work as they need to and provide the best results.


If you have concerns about an extraction or would like a second opinion, Dr. Graneto is here to help. You can schedule an appointment at any of the three convenient Kidz Connextion offices in PhoenixAZ. Text (623) 232-0749 for an appointment at the N. 75th Avenue location, (480) 666-5984 for the N. 24th Street office, or (480) 405-4714 for the Baseline Road location.

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Dental Hygiene Essentials

 Keeping your children’s teeth healthy is a top priority. Partnering with Dr. John Graneto and the team at Kidz Connextion in PhoenixAZ is a great step at promoting good dental hygiene and habits in your kids from an early age.


Dental Hygiene Essentials

One of the first steps to take in promoting dental hygiene is to ensure you have the necessary supplies on hand. These include an age-appropriate toothbrushtoothpaste, and floss. When your children are old enough – usually around the age of six – you can add mouthwash to the list.


Dental Hygiene Tips and Recommendations From Your PhoenixAZ Dentist

Purchasing these items and having them on hand is just one part of the equation. Getting your child to use them willingly is an entirely different story. However, Dr. Graneto and the team at Kidz Connextion have a few tips and tricks to help.

Take Your Kids Shopping With You

Children tend to get a little more excited about using things that they pick out. Instead of going shopping for them, let them go with you. Allow them to pick out their favorite toothbrush and choose the flavor of toothpaste they want to use. They’ll be more likely to willingly use bubble gum flavored toothpaste than a minty one.

Make It Easy

No one wants to do anything that’s too difficult. Flossing with traditional floss can be a bit tricky – especially for younger children. Make it easier for them by purchasing child-size flossers. Instead of having to worry about wrapping floss around their little fingers, they can just pick the yucky stuff out from between their teeth in a few seconds.

Also, be sure that their toothbrush is the right size for their mouth. Having one that’s too large can keep them from getting every spot. Steps like these not only make it easier but also help them do a better job.

Make It Fun

Proper dental hygiene requires brushing for two full minutes. This can seem endless and absolutely boring to a child. Try making it fun by using a brushing app or finding a two-minute video clip that they can enjoy. You might also use a chart and stickers for rewards.



For additional dental hygiene tips and recommendations or for a dental check-up, schedule an appointment with Dr. Graneto at Kidz Connextion in PhoenixAZ by texting (623) 232-0749 for the N. 75th Avenue location, (480) 666-5984 for the N. 24th Street office, or (480) 405-4714 for the Baseline Road location.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

What is a Panorex?

Keep your children’s smiles bright and healthy with panorex X-rays and routine dental care with the help of Dr. John Graneto at Kids Connextion in Phoenix, AZ.


What Is Panorex?

There are several types of X-rays used to get a view of your child’s oral health – panorex is one of them. It is a comprehensive, panoramic X-ray that provides a look at the entire mouth. It includes the jaws, teeth, and nasal areas as well as the surrounding tissues.

Such a view gives Dr. Graneto at Kids Connextion a full understanding of several dental components, including how teeth are developing, eruption patterns of the teeth, missing teeth, the health of the jaws, and more. Through this understanding, he is empowered to make more accurate decisions on necessary treatments and preventative maintenance steps that should be taken.


When Do Kids Need a Panorex X-Ray in PhoenixAZ?

Children need X-rays throughout their childhood to ensure everything is going well. There is not typically a one-size-fits-all schedule for any type of X-ray as they go by the child’s needs and risk level of developing cavities.

With most children, the first panorex will be taken around the age of twelve, as this is when the permanent teeth begin to erupt. However, if there seems to be any issues with their dental health before then, Dr. Graneto may suggest one earlier.

Under most circumstances, the next time your child will need a panoramic X-ray is around the age of 17. If they need braces or other procedures, they’ll likely need another panorex.


What About Radiation?

It’s a common concern that radiation exposure could harm children during X-rays. However, steps are taken to minimize any risks. Modern equipment is utilized that uses the lowest amount of radiation possible and finishes the job quickly. Additionally, children wear a lead apron during the process to ensure they receive maximum protection.

If it’s time for a check-up or you would like to know more about panorex X-rays in PhoenixAZ, schedule an appointment with Dr. Graneto at Kids Connextion by texting (623) 223-1001 for the North 75th Avenue location, (480) 666-5984 for the North 24th Street location, or (480) 405-4714 for the East Baseline Road location.

Thursday, April 7, 2022

Dental X-Rays in Phoenix, AZ

 If you’re looking to keep your children’s teeth as healthy as they can be, Dr. John Graneto offers gentle and effective care, including dental X-rays and treatments, at Kids Connextion in PhoenixAZ to help you meet that goal.


Purpose of Dental X-rays for Kids in PhoenixAZ

Throughout childhood, your children will need to get dental x-rays. While this is a common procedure, many parents wonder what the purpose of these X-rays could be, especially if their children have had no dental issues. This is an understandable concern, but X-rays play a vital role in maintaining healthy teeth.

With these images, Dr. Graneto at Kids Connextion can get a full view of your child’s dental anatomy, ensuring that there are no potential problems that could cause issues in the future. They allow him to monitor your child’s oral development, pinpointing any issues that need to be addressed.

Additionally, it helps him to spot cavities that may not be seen by the naked eye. Through all of this, Dr. Graneto is able to address current and potential issues, helping your child to achieve and maintain oral health.

There are several types of X-rays to help your dentist get a full view. These include panoramic X-rays, periapical X-rays that focus on the front teeth, and bitewing X-rays that focus on the back teeth. The type your child needs will usually depend on their age and whether their permanent teeth have come through.


How Often Do Children Need X-rays?

As children’s mouths are still growing and changing, they typically need more X-rays than adults. However, the exact number of times they need them will vary between children.

In general, children will need a dental X-ray every six to 36 months. Those at high risk for tooth decay will typically fall closer to the six-month period, while those with low risk do not need them as often.

Dr. Graneto will be happy to discuss the frequency with you and answer any questions you might have. However, it’s important to understand that your child’s needs will change over time. While they may not need frequent X-rays now, that might change as they grow if their risk level changes.

Set your child up for dental success. Visit Dr. Graneto at Kids Connextion in PhoenixAZ for dental X-rays and regular cleanings. You can schedule an appointment at the North 75th Avenue location at (623) 232-0749, the North 24th Street location at (480) 666-5984, or the East Baseline Road location at (480) 405-4714.

Thursday, March 31, 2022

Do I Need a Tooth Extraction?


Do I Need a Tooth Extraction

When your child needs a tooth extractionDr. John Graneto of Kids Connextion in PhoenixAZ has an office that is convenient for you to visit. With three offices: 2533 N 75 Ave, 2046 N 24th St, and 2046 N 24th St, it is easy to get an appointment for an evaluation.

All dentists try to preserve a tooth. Every effort is made to correct whatever the problem is without having to perform a tooth extraction. With children, their teeth often come out on their own. Baby teeth fall out regularly as adult teeth come in. But, for some children or teens, adult teeth need to be extracted and there are a few reasons why that might be necessary.

Why do teeth need to be extracted?

Excess decay is one reason why a tooth may need to be extracted. The preferred treatment for decay is to remove the decay and fill the tooth. However, if the tooth is too damaged, that may not be possible.

Impacted teeth are frequently a concern with wisdom teeth. They are the farthest back four molars and in many teens' mouths there is no room for the teeth to fit, and they cannot come out of the gums correctly.

Crowding is another reason why teeth may need to be extracted. When there is not enough room in the mouth, the teeth will shift and crooked teeth are a dental hygiene issue.

Orthodontics typically requires that some teeth be extracted in order for the teeth to be correctly positioned.

Trauma is another common cause of extraction. It can be a sports injury or the result of a car accident or some other trauma to the mouth. The result is tooth extraction and Dr. Graneto of Kids Connextion in PhoenixAZ is the doctor to visit.

Infection can get under the tooth and cause an abscess. Some infections will respond to antibiotics, but others will not, and they end up causing a lot of pain.

If it is determined that a tooth extraction is necessary, today's modern procedures make it a fairly easy and relatively painless procedure from which recovery only takes a few days.

When your child needs a tooth extraction, Dr. Graneto of Kids Connextion in PhoenixAZ will give you the peace of mind you need to go ahead with the procedure. Call one of their three offices, 2533 N 75 Ave (602) 833-5286, 2046 N 24th St (480) 405-3635, and 524 E Baseline Rd (480) 405-3387 for an appointment.