Saturday, July 29, 2017

Oral Piercings and Teeth

At Kidz Connextion, we understand that our teenage patients may have a little rebellion in them. Perhaps they’ve been toying with the idea of getting an oral piercing. We encourage patients to express their individuality to its fullest potential, especially when it comes to their smile, but we can’t help but warn them of the dental drawbacks that oral piercings may cause.

When deciding to pierce the tongue, lips, or cheeks, it can hinder your ability to chew, speak, and swallow. The mouth contains millions of bacteria, and often, infection and swelling occur with mouth piercings. If the body rejects a piercing, or if aftercare instructions aren’t obeyed, infection, pain, and swelling can quickly become life threatening if not properly attended to. Additionally, these piercings may cause damage to teeth because playing with a piercing can crack a tooth if you are not careful. If you choose to go through with an oral piercing, keep the piercing site as clean as possible. Contact us immediately if you experience any sign of infection.

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Friday, July 21, 2017

Causes of Sensitive Teeth

As is the case with adults, there are many reasons why children suffer tooth sensitivity. At Kidz Connextion, we strive to help our patients get to the bottom of whatever is bothering them. Usually, the problem is a cavity, but there are some other reasons why a child might particularly be bothered by hot or cold.

People of all ages are advised to use soft-bristled toothbrushes. Brushing too hard or with too hard a brush can actually harm the gums, causing them to recede and the sensitive tooth roots to be exposed. It is also possible for fillings from previous cavities to come loose, which is painful and leaves teeth vulnerable to discomfort from cold. Teeth should also be examined in case they have developed cracks, as often happens in children with autism or ADHD who develop habits of grinding their teeth, in addition to being hypersensitive.

However, sensitivity does not always mean there is a major dental problem. It is normal for teeth that are newly erupted to take some time to get used to different sensations. Baby teeth also tend to be sensitive when they’re about to fall out naturally. Tooth sensitivity could also result from a sinus infection or allergy.

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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lip Sucking

Lip sucking and biting are some common childhood habits which can negatively affect the teeth as well as the soft tissue. For the purpose of this blog post, we’ll just focus on lip sucking as a habit instead of the biting some children do while numb, but we can advise parents about either problem.

As is the case with tongue thrusting and thumb sucking, sucking on the bottom lip can cause children to develop an overbite. However, it can also be done in response to discomfort from an existing overbite or as a habit that developed following prolonged stress. Lip sucking also tends to cause the lip to become chapped and swollen. If done for a long time, it can cause nerve damage and push the lower incisors backward.

Children who habitually suck their lips can usually be observed doing so, but it’s still worth-while to eliminate other reasons for their lips to be swollen, such as allergies. Usually, drawing the child’s attention to the habit and encouragement to break it is all that is needed, but sometimes a speech specialist needs to be consulted. An orthodontic device called a lip bumper can be used when the front teeth need more room to move back into position.

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