Monday, April 30, 2018

Tooth Sensitivity in Children

If your child is complaining of tooth pain, it may be due to the new eruption of teeth, a cavity, or from brushing too hard. Although adults are more likely to experience tooth sensitivity, it can be a problem for children too. Because dental appointments are crucial during a child’s tooth development, it’s important to visit us at Kidz Connextion where we will use fluoride treatments to reduce sensitivity.

Tooth sensitivity can make it difficult to drink hot and cold beverages and this can especially be frustrating for a child. If your child has sensitive teeth because of a cavity, in-office fluoride treatments are beneficial in strengthening tooth enamel and lower one’s risk for decay. Additionally, parents should encourage proper oral care habits and be sure that your child brushes at least twice a day for two minutes and flosses at least once a day.

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Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Braces Pain

Some Kidz Connextion patients are in the beginning stages of receiving orthodontic treatment.  Braces are a powerful straightening method that can transform smiles.  But we all know braces are a long process and there is some pain and discomfort along the way.  Patients with braces often feel a little discomfort after their wires have been tightened, and patients with new braces usually experience some uncomfortable chafing as their mouth gets used to braces.  These are both normal occurrences and you can ease the pain while getting to your perfect smile!  

With a new set of braces, the insides of cheeks and lips will rub against the brackets and wires.  The soft tissue will toughen as your mouth gets accustomed to the braces, but at first it can create sore spots.  Dental wax is a great defense against this.  Just a small piece can cover the edge of a bracket and relieve any chafing.  After a set of braces is tightened a patient will also feel some pain and soreness.  The patient should eat soft foods right after a tightening if they are experiencing discomfort.  If the pain continues, over-the-counter pain relievers like Advil and Motrin are helpful.  Please still contact the office if you experience any extreme or long-lasting discomfort.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Fluoride Toothpaste

At Kidz Connextion Dental Care in Phoenix, we want our patients to understand how to protect their oral health. Brushing their teeth is often one of the first self-care skills children learn, and when properly done, it can prevent a lot of health and comfort issues throughout life. Using fluoridated toothpaste properly is a major component of that.

Fluoride boosts teeth’s protection from the acids bacteria secrete as they eat food residue. During a standard tooth-brushing session of two minutes, children should be sure to brush all over every tooth surface. They should do this using a soft-bristled brush that will not cause irritation to the gums since they will begin brushing at the gum line and work their way to the tip of each crown. (They should also brush their tongues to prevent bad breath.)

Fluoride is commonly supplied through the water and people who drink it have significantly better dental health. However, people who consume too much fluoride are at risk for tooth discoloration, which is why toothpaste should be spat out. For this reason and to ensure they brush thoroughly, we recommend that children not be left to brush alone until they are about seven. They also should not use fluoride toothpaste on retainers or other oral appliances, as this may scratch them.

Kidz Connextion Dental Care maintains offices around Phoenix. To find out more, visit our website at Kidz Connextion.