Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Mouth Guards for Sports

Children who are active in sports activities should wear mouth protection during practice and games.  Mouth guards protect the teeth from any impact, but also protect the cheeks, tongue, and lips from various mishaps. Most sporting goods stores carry mouth guards, but they are generic in size and form.  These mouth guards often end up feeling bulky and uncomfortable, leading to not wearing the protection at all.  Wearing a mouth guard that doesn’t fit can even interrupt breathing and speaking.  Come see us at Kidz Connextion and have a dentist perform a custom mouth guard fitting. 

To outfit your child with a custom mouth guard, the process begins with taking an impression of the mouth.  This impression is sent to a dental lab where the final product will be fabricated.  The result is a mouth guard made of thin, hard plastic that protects the teeth and still fits comfortably.  This is an easy precaution to take for athletes of any size, and they can go right back to playing their best!

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